Tamara Comolli 18K Rose Gold Eight Chain, 90cm

Tamara Comolli
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Escape from the mundanities of everyday life with a handmade piece from Tamara Comolli. Each piece of jewelry is feminine and versatile to help you express yourself in a natural and effortless way. Playful, yet elegant... Tamara Comolli’s designs are fun, stylish and eye-catching with their colorful gems and signature designs. Explore all the beauty that Tamara Comolli has to offer. Add some to your collection today!

The 90 cm EIGHT chain is a stylish length to pair with our pendants. The solid, handmade finish makes this 2.8 mm chain a true premium piece. It’s perfect for layering with shorter chains, or can be worn as a lariat necklace or double-wrapped around your neck.

Style: C-Egt-2.8-rg-90


  • Tamara Comolli 18K Rose Gold Eight Chain, 90cm

  • Measures: 2.8mm

  • Length: 90cm

  • 18K Rose Gold

  • Made in Germany

Sold Exclusively on the Monterey Peninsula at Augustina Leathers in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California -- Established in 1987 | Authorized Dealer

History of Tamara Comolli:

Since founded in 1992, TAMARA COMOLLI has brought a feeling of freedom and happiness through the fascinating world of gems and is redefining the rules of wearing fine jewelry. Inspired by the love of the ocean and a passion for the rarest and most colorful gemstones, founder and designer Tamara Comolli, creates fun, stylish and eye-catching pieces. Playful, yet elegant, each handmade versatile and feminine piece helps women express themselves in a natural and effortless way.

18K Rose Gold
Design Features:
Measures: 2.8mm, Length: 90cm
Made in Germany