*RESERVE NOW* Meredith Frederick Alba 14K Gold, Garnet, Zircon & Topaz Bracelet

Meredith Frederick
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  • Meredith Frederick Alba 14K Gold, Garnet, Zircon & Topaz Bracelet

  • Slip on style

  • One size

  • 14K Yellow Gold/Garnet/Zircon/Topaz

  • Handmade in the USA

Sold Exclusively on the Monterey Peninsula at Augustina Leathers in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California -- Established in 1987 | Authorized Dealer

History of Meredith Frederick:

Meredith Frederick is a native New Yorker. With the need to create, she learned an ancient beading technique practiced for centuries. She enhanced this with her unique formulation using silver, gold and a variety of exotic gemstone beads, yet her creations have a special grace and are particularly popular because of their natural feeling. One never quite realizes the bracelets are on the wrist. Each bracelet is entirely hand made in Brooklyn and every piece is a little different and unique. They truly have a life of their own.
"When you wear one of my bracelets I am sure you will take notice of the intertwining of patterns and shapes, how one color develops into the other, just as lives develop and intertwine and perpetually proceed with no beginning and no end, life cycles with the motion of eternity. When worn on your pulse point the bracelets will transmit all the positive energy that was woven into it, from the creator, to the giver, to the recipient. So dear recipient, wear your bracelets with the love with which they were created for you and continue the cycle of life!" - MF -

14K Yellow Gold/Garnet/Zircon/Topaz
Design Features:
Slip on style, One size
Handmade in the USA