Ruth Taubman Yellow Gold Gemstone pendant

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Ruth Taubman Jewelry Design

For availability and to purchase please call (831) 624-9901

This beautiful yellow gold and gemstone pendant by Ruth Taubman features 18K yellow gold pendants with oval bail and 14K yellow gold channel wire bezel set checkerboard, gemstones drops in, a pear shaped amethyst, totaling 17.73ct., a oval citrine, totaling 21.02ct., a square antique cushion green quartz, totaling 25.23ct., and a emerald cut London blue topaz, totaling 28.64ct. A beautiful addition to any collection! 


  • Yellow gold gemstone pendant
  • 18K and 14K yellow gold
  • Amethyst 17.73ct.
  • Citrine 21.02ct.
  • Green quartz 25.23ct.
  • London blue topaz 28.64ct.

For availability and to purchase please call (831) 624-9901. 

Sold Exclusively on the Monterey Peninsula at Augustina Leathers in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

Product care:

Fine jewelry is delicate and requires careful handling. Always apply makeup, hair products, lotion, or fragrance before putting on your jewelry. Perfume should not come in contact with the surface of pearls. When you remove your jewelry, you may wipe it gently with a soft jewelry cloth (especially if the jewelry has had prolonged contact with skin oils or perspiration), and store it in a box or pouch.

Necklaces and Bracelets

All jewelry that is hand-strung and knotted on thread must be periodically restrung. This is necessary because, with regular wear, the thread is weakened by contact with the edges of the holes in gemstones or pearls.

When restringing is needed, please contact me and I will be happy to provide this service. Restringing is charged at cost.

About Ruth Taubman:

For 36 years, Ruth has been crafting one of a kind jewelry. Incorporating rare gemstones, colored golds and South Seas and fresh water pearls. Ruth specializes in multistage necklaces, rings featuring large stones set in her unmistakable bezel setting, and gorgeous pearl necklaces.

18K Gold, 14K Gold, Amethyst 17.73ct., Citrine 21.02ct., Green quartz 25.23ct., London blue topaz 28.64ct.
18k Yellow Gold, 14K Yellow Gold Gemstone pendant