Anatomie Jada Cheetah Print Waterproof Jacket

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This elevated classic, Italian made waterproof Women’s jacket by Anatomie is made of water-proof, wind resilient printed polyurethane, allowing for you to remain stylish no matter what mother nature throws at you! This Anatomie rain jacket features, a fiited a-Line silhouette, front zipper style, hooded for your convenience.


Style Number:AA0712



  • Jada Cheetah Print Waterproof Jacket
  • A-Line, modest fit
  • Slit side pockets
  • Hooded
  • Long sleeves with heat seal edges
  • Fuse technology keeps elements out
  • 100% water-resistant, wind resilient
  • Imported: 100% printed polyurethane
  • Made in Italy

For availability and to purchase please call (831) 624-9901. 

Sold Exclusively on the Monterey Peninsula at Augustina Leathers in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

Product Care:

Clothing is crafted of luxurious, yet low-maintenance fabrics that look and feel amazing. We recommend washing pieces on delicate, cold cycle or by hand. Hang to air dry.

History of Anatomie:

Founded by Kate and Shawn Boyer in 2006. Kate has an MBA in International trade in France and previously worked as a coach for a girl’s gymnastic team. While coaching, Kate was designing the activewear for her gymnastics team. This inspired her to become a self-taught designer and she went on to develop private label collections.  Shawn’s also designed athletic clothing, specializing in hard-to-fit athletic men. For a period of time the two joined forces to created sportswear for other brands before ultimately launching Anatomie in 2006. With fit, comfort and tailoring in mind, Anatomie was created as travel-specific luxury line.

Imported: 100% printed polyurethane
Design Features:
A-Line, modest fit ,Slit side pockets ,Hooded ,Long sleeves with heat seal edges ,Fuse technology keeps elements out,100% water-resistant, wind resilient,Imported: 100% printed polyurethane,made in Italy